François Baril Pelletier
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Montréal Walls

Sicily Walls

Havana Walls


The Wall Series

Having played most of his childhood in Montréal alleys, François Baril Pelletier is interested in the plasticity and textures of walls in Montréal alleys as well as everywhere in the world, and he illustrates that picturality in his photography. He therefore approaches photography as a painter that contemplates an already perfect pictural work in the "urban museum" which is the city, a work that is the product of chance, different materials put together, textures, marks, which are sometimes ephemeral and fortuitious.


photo d'un graffito derrière un baril de métal rouilléMONTRÉAL WALLS

François spent a few weeks in 2005 taking pictures of walls in Montréal alleys around the Plateau, Petite Italie, Rosemont, Mile End and Beaubien neighboorhoods, as he collaborates with members of a collective he has created to constitute multidisciplinary projects in public spaces, mostly alleys.



photo d'affiches toutes déchiréesSICILY WALLS

During a trip in Sicily in 2010, François captures a few snapshots of walls in certain Sicily cities, mostly Palermo and Syracusa.






photo de graffito avec personnageHAVANA WALLS

During a trip to Cuba in 2011, François takes advantage of the used and famous walls in Havana City, taking pictures of these old colonial buildings's marks and graffitis.





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