François Baril Pelletier
toiles accrochées sur le mur






photo enfant 6 ans-Born the 17th of July, 1977, in Montréal. He goes to École Nouvelle-Querbes, in Outremont, at the border of the Mile End, where he draws a lot.

-1986: His family leaves for Regina, where he will live four years, and where he will be cartoonist at 12 for the provincial francophone newspaper, l'Eau Vive. He contributes in his own way, despite his young age, to the francophone artistic life in Saskatchewan: he will record two or three songs for the scouts, act in a little movie on the Archives, do an ad for a francophone association and win two provincial competitions for oratory skills.

dessin d'enfant

-1990: He returns to Ottawa, where he will go to Pavillon Intermédiaire, then to De La Salle in an Arts program, from 1992-1995. (The drawing at your left dates back to pre-school)




photo François à Gamma Ray Productions devant ses toiles-1995: He goes to Montréal to attend the Cégep Saint-Laurent, where he will obtain his DEC in 1998. He will be selected for two consecutive years to participate in the Exposition intercollégiale, an exhibit showcasing the talents of students of all colleges around the province.

-1998-2000: He starts university at Université du Québec in Montréal, and he will continue to paint and study for a year and a half, after which he will leave for Italy. After having studied Italian for three months in Perugia, he will then leave for Grece, Israel, Egypt, all the way to Ethiopia. After eight months of traveling, he comes back to Ottawa, transformed.

-In 2001: In Ottawa, he will be active in the Visual Arts community, organizing a series of exhibits and collaborations at Gamma Ray Productions Galery.


photo des toiles dans la gallerie Gamma Ray Productions-In 2002: He returns to school at the University of Ottawa with a Minor in Classical Studies. He will study one year in History of Art (Classical Studies) at University de Provence, at Aix-en-Provence, in France, where he will be able to travel in Europe (Spain and France) and Africa (Tunisia), and do the French part of the Camino di Compostello, the Chemin d'Arles.

-2004: He graduates from the University of Ottawa with Summa Cum Laude and an Honourable Mention for the Graduates Art Exhibit.

photo des toiles dans la gallerie Gamma Ray Productions-In 2006, He creates the collective Artois, selling artistic products, and starts Farlamarde, a collective of multidisciplinary interventions in public places in Montréal.

-2010-2012: He publishes two poetry books: Apocryphes du coeur, for which he will be nominated for two prizes (Prix Le Droit 2011 and Trillium Prize in 2012) and Terres et traces de l'immuabilité, both of them at les Éditions David.

-2011: He returns to school in Graphic Design at La Cité collégiale.


©François Baril Pelletier